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Axial Pump (19mm shaft) for Kiam KM2700P / KM2800P Petrol Pressure Washer
Replacement pump for Kiam KM2700P and KM2800P petrol pressure washer.  Fits most 5.5HP and 6.5HP petrol engines with 19mm male shaft.  Pump pressure Rated at 2800 psi at 12.5 litres per minute.  Includes Integral Unloader valve complete with detergent nipple.
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Triplex Pump & Unloader for Kiam KM3700P & KM3600DX Pressure Washer (25mm Drive Shaft)
Triplex pump for Kiam KM3700P petrol pressure washer and KM3600DX diesel pressure washer.  Includes Unloader valve and flange coupling to engine.  Will fit standard 25mm male engine drive shaft.  Will fit older model KM3200P but requires original engine flange to be fitted...
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Triplex Pump & Gearbox for Kiam 3600DXR & 3700PR Pressure Washer 25.4mm (1") Drive Shaft
Replacement pump for Kiam KM3600DXR and KM3700PR pressure washer.  1450RPM slow-reving Triplex model. Includes unloader valve and gearbox. Will fit standard 25.4mm male engine drive shaft.
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5200 PSI / 340 Bar Industrial Pressure Washer Pump 23 LPM (24mm drive shaft)
Kiam 1821 high pressure pump complete with unloader valve.  Industrial high pressure pump, extremely high pressure and high volume.  Used for cleaning concrete, removal of rust and in commercial cleaning machines.  1450 RPM slow-revving model includes external by-pass unloader valve.  Will fit standard...
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