Castle Heaters - 3KW Infrared Outdoor Garden Patio Heater KMH-30 Wall Mounted

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KMH - 30 - Infrared Heater 3000 Watt  Light reduced low glare-heating, 95 cm wide. Stay warm whilst the sun goes down even in Winter! Do you want to stay...
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KMH - 30 - Infrared Heater

3000 Watt  Light reduced low glare-heating, 95 cm wide.

Stay warm whilst the sun goes down even in Winter!

Do you want to stay warm all year round in your favourite outdoor area during the colder months?

Do you want to sit out longer at night on your balcony or terrace?

Do you want to extend the outdoor sitting area in your restaurant?

Then look no further than the KMH-30 Infrared heater! Allowing you to sit outside late into the evening. The 3 heat settings allow you to up the heat as the night gets colder.

Perfect for PIR and Timing Installations

This heater is perfect for restaurants/bars that are using PIR and Timing Installations as the one heat-setting can be easily controlled by the owner.

KMH-30 - Low Glare - High-Quality Device - 1 Heat setting

This heater comes with one heat setting, a whopping 3000 Watts! The heat off this heater is very impressive.

The tilt angle on this heater can be adjusted 60° upwards and downwards, this allows you to target the heat rays to your preferred area.

We have designed this heater using modern low-glare infrared radiation technology, the KMH-30 works extremely energy-efficient without preheating, with 80% less light and no noise!

Finally, the sleek design of the KMH-30 adapts to any environment perfectly.

IP65 Rated - Water-resistant and Robust!

The KMH-30R is IP65 rated, the highest rating on the market for an Infrared heater. IP65 means that this heater is "dust tight and protected against heavy rain or powerful jets of water". This means that this heater can be left outside but must be undercover. You can see an example of this in the picture below.

As you can see from this image the heater is outside however it has cover overhead.

Infrared Heating

Enjoy a BBQ atmosphere all year round! Infrared heating works differently to convection heating, the emitted infrared rays do not heat up air but the objects and people they encounter. This allows you to experience pleasant warmth on your skin and clothing, whilst heat-storing objects such as tables and chairs will absorb the heat and release it as a secondary source.

This heating is also better for allergy sufferers as the heat production runs cleanly, without condensation and blower-free, therefore dust does not rise.

Features and Advantages

  • 3000 Watts - one heat setting. Better for restaurants as it can be linked in a series by an electrician and controlled by the owner.

  • Space saving wall mounted design

  • On/off rocker switch.

  • Better for the Environment - Clean condenstion-free, odourless and without noise.

  • Anodised extruded high quality aluminium alloy housing

  • Suitable for both home and commercial use

  • This heater is IP65 rated (highest rating on the market), meaning it is water-resistant and can be left outside, however, it must be undercover.

  • Heated area up to 30m²

  • Adjustable angle 180° up-down wall mounting facility

  • Offers both heat and low-glare light

  • Golden tube heating element (up to 2500 hours lamp life)

  • 1.7m power cable with 13 Amp plug

Why Should I Choose An Infrared Heater?

Safe - No worries about pressurized gas or storing cylinders and unlike gas no annual servicing.

Silent - It's electric.
Clean - No smells and virtually maintenance-free.
Compact - Clean and easy to store.
Effective - Infrared warms instantly, giving a feeling of comfort from the moment it's switched on.
Efficient - Unaffected by draughts.
Economical & Environmentally friendly - Low running costs, calculated at just 14p per kW hour. Approximately one third the cost of gas heating. Very eco friendly heater, reduce your carbon footprint.


1x KMH-30 Infrared Heater
1x Instruction Manual
2x Aluminium wall mounting Brackets
1x Bag of screws, rawl plugs, allen key and fixings

Model: KMH-30
Max. Power: 3000W
Voltage: 220-240V
Frequency: 50-60Hz
IP Rating: IP65
Dimensions: 96cm x 10cm x 8cm
Power Cable Length: 1.7m
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Castle Heaters - 3KW Infrared Outdoor Garden Patio Heater KMH-30 Wall Mounted
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