Kiam CYCLONE Gutter Vacuum Cleaning System 3600W Polypropylene (Black) with Carbon Gutter Pole Kit

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Kiam Cyclone Gutter Vacuum Polypropylene (Black) LEASE DEAL - From £10 per week (+vat)Call 0151 548 5500 for fast approval and immediate delivery date. Click here to download the proposal...
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Kiam Cyclone Gutter Vacuum Polypropylene (Black)

LEASE DEAL - From £10 per week (+vat)

Call 0151 548 5500 for fast approval and immediate delivery date. Click here to download the proposal form.

Cyclone P Gutter Vacuum

Comes with a 5m Universal Hose Included.

Product video

This video consists of a detailed description of the 2021 Kiam Cyclone, followed by a demonstration of what it would be like using this product on a job at a customers property.

The New 2021 Kiam Cyclone is the Ultimate Professional Gutter Vacuum on the market. With a 76 Litre tank, 3 x 1200w motors and a Cyclonic Side Inlet, this beast creates over 10,750 Litres per minute of airflow. Therefore giving you the power to clean gutters more efficiently than ever before.

72mm Side Inlet

The Kiam Cyclone also comes with a 72mm Side Inlet meaning blockages will be a thing of the past. This massive inlet allows all the debris to be sucked up into the tank with no issues. You can see this large Inlet below.

This Large Cyclonic side Inlet not only allows the debris to easily pass through it, but also creates the Cyclonic effect, in conjunction with the internal cone, this ensures that the airflow is pushed in a circular motion around the inside of the tank, allowing the debris to drop into the bottom of the tank.

Includes a 5M Commercial hose that fits onto your poles with ease

This machine has been custom designed to fit perfectly onto all industry standard 51mm poles, you can see on the side of the package above the different pole options and sizes that we offer. You can see this in action in the picture below.

High performance Hepa Filter

This Machine comes with a high performance HEPA filter which stops any debris blocking the motors. This should be cleaned out after each job.

Professional Gutter Cleaning Machine

It is important when you turn up to a job that you look professional and your equipment does to. The Kiam Cyclone is the ultimate professional Gutter Cleaning machine that you need. This will allow you to charge the optimum amount for each job and earn more money for your business. This machine will also allow you to do the job more efficiently and faster due to its massive power and performance capabilities, and therefore allowing you to complete more jobs each day.

Gutter Pole Kit Product Description

The Kiam CARBON Endurance range are made of 100% carbon fibre with a 1mm wall thickness making them extremely strong and SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT weighing just 315g per pole!  Coated Ring reinforced ends provide extra durability over standard carbon fibre poles by reducing any feathering effect on the ends of the poles.  The tapered ends allow the poles to simply slide together, no clamps are required to hold the poles together.

The Kiam Endurance range are 51mm diameter and have been designed to be rigid, strong and very lightweight enabling the operator to comfortably use the poles all day without aching arms and full control of the pole.

With this pole set combined with your Kiam gutter vacuum you can now access areas that where previously inaccessible and clean gutters safely and effectively.


Model: Cyclone 'P'
Tank Capacity: 76 Litres
Rated Power: 3600W (3x 1200W)
Rated Voltage: 220-240V
Normal Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
Water Lift: 2400mm
Air Flow: 645 m³/hour
Hose: 5 Metre (51mm diameter)
Weight: 29.9kg
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